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One Platform to Scale your

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Whatsapp Chatbots, CRM & Marketing to Sell more on Auto-pilot &
Keep your Customers Happy!

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Marketing made Easy with Whatsapp Chatbots

Engage with your users seamlessly on Whatsapp with A.I. Chatbot, Human Agent transfer & Send Notifications to thousands of users in a Jiffy!

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3X Your Sales with Whatsapp Chatbots

C’mon! We all have been waiting for this!

  • Imagine your customers coming to your Whatsapp and buying products without you even typing anything!!!
  • You can further Send them updates and notifications on Whatsapp from time to time.
  • Use the power of Automation and Smart A.I. Chatbots to boost your Business Instantly! 
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Broadcast to Thousands of Users in One Go

  • Import Contacts and Send Bulk Notifications to Customers
  • Drive Broadcast and API Based Automated Campaign easily
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Connect No-Code NLP Chatbots to Whatsapp

  • Connect A.I. Chatbots from Google Dialogflow ( No Coding Needed )
  • Choose from Pre-made Chatbot Templates and get going!
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Multiple Agents & Smooth Handover

  • Multiple Agent Support on one Whatsapp Number
  • Seamless Human Takeovers and User Tagging 
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Whatsapp Business API

Whatsapp Business API gives you all the powers to Scale your Business on Whatsapp. AiSensy platform is developed on the top of Whatsapp Business API

Get your Whatsapp Business API within 24hrs! 

✅ Integrate Chatbots for Automated Sales & Support
✅ Verified Whatsapp Business Account (Green tick)
✅ Send Broadcast to thousands of users
✅ Send Automated Notifications & Updates to users
✅ Multiple human agents support on the same WhatsApp number

Experience the Platform In 3 Steps

You don’t need to have the API to experience the platform, Just a bit of curiosity!

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Signup on AiSensy

Click below to signup right away on the AiSensy Platform

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Choose Template and Configure

Choose from No-Code NLP Chatbot Templates which you can configure on Google Dialogflow easily

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Test your Chatbot till your API Gets Approved 

Enter your Mobile Number and Test your Chatbot Instantly as a user. Once Whatsapp Business API gets approved on your official number – Go Live!!! 

Smartest Chatbot Engine

No-Code Chatbot Templates

We Have FREE No-Code Chatbot templates made for your use-cases. Just Download the Template, Configure it on Google Dialogflow and Get going!

Advance Automated tagging

Manage with Advanced CRM

  • Advance CRM to manage all Whatsapp Contacts with Automated User Tagging on the basis on various flows

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+919958144907 , +919149327854


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