WhatsApp Chatbot Integration

How to integrate a chatbot on AiSensy Platform? #

The AiSensy Platform provides Google’s Dialogflow integration. Hence, to integrate a chatbot on the AiSensy Platform, you just need to download the JSON key from your Dialogflow Assistant and upload it as the “Project ID” on the Chatbot Integration page. The chatbot becomes live as soon as the JSON key is updated.

Check out how to download the JSON key of Dialogflow Assistant.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Where can I build a chatbot for my WhatsApp Business API number? #

The AiSensy Platform is integrated with Google’s chatbot development and NLP engine platform “Dialogflow”. Hence you can easily build basic to scalable chatbots for your business and implement them for your WhatsApp Business API number.

How to build a chatbot on Dialogflow? #

There is a complete course on How to Build a Chatbots on Dialogflow by the founder of AiSensy- Mr Gautam Rajesh Shelley provided for completely free. You can access it here or it is also there on our YouTube channel.

How can I make changes in the chatbot after implementing it on AiSensy Platform? #

Since the AiSensy Platform provides seamless integration with Dialogflow, so you just need to make required changes in your Dialogflow Assistant and it will be reflected on the WhatsApp Chatbot in real-time.

Can I have multiple chatbots on a single WhatsApp Business API number? #

You can have multiple chatbots on your WhatsApp Business API number but only one at a time since only one JSON key can be uploaded in the AiSensy Platform. In case you want to implement another chatbot, you have to replace the old JSON key with the required one resulting in the deactivation of the previous chatbot and making the new chatbot live on the same WhatsApp Business API number.

If you require multiple chatbots to be live simultaneously, then you’ll have to procure separate WhatsApp Business APIs on multiple phone numbers.

How to change the JSON key? #

Go to the Chatbot Integration page from the Manager Section and click on “Change Key”. It will then ask you to upload a new key so click on Upload Key and choose the JSON key which you want to implement. At last, click on “Save” and it’s done. Your chatbot is live on WhatsApp!