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Boost Store Sales  whatsapp 8

by 2.5x with Whatsapp 

🔔 Whatsapp Abandoned Cart Notification Recovers 60% Carts
🙋🏻‍♀️ Your Smart Whatsapp Assistant recommends products with Images and Videos while you’re sleeping!
🔥 Share Discount Offers via Smart Feedback Loops – Boost Sales Instantly!!!

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Let’s see how Suwasthi – A Beauty E-commerce brand got 2.5X Sales

The Magic of WhatsApp Notifications  🔔

📣 Suwasthi Sends Order Confirmation & Abandoned Cart 🛒 Notifications on Whatsapp

🔥 45-60% Click on Confirm Order and Complete Purchase – Boosting Daily Sales

🎁 Suwasthi Broadcasts Feedback Message regularly and offers a discount coupon to all customers sharing feedback – Shooting up Reorders Instantly

Conversations driving Conversions

Whatsapp Assistant is

your New 

Online Sales Executive 

🙋🏻‍♀️ Suwasthi’s A.I. Powered Whatsapp Chatbot Recommends Products Smartly 

👩🏻‍💻 Whatsapp Assistant Brings in Sales Automatically by Sharing Product Details and Answering Queries

🚀 Suwasthi Brings Direct Traffic from Website and Facebook/Instagram Ads to their Whatsapp Assistant – Driving Sales via Conversations

Quick Video of Suwasthi’s Whatsapp Chatbot

Measure Everything on the AiSensy Platform

AiSensy Platform is built on the top of Official Whatsapp Business APIs. 

Helping you Chat easily with Customers, Connect Chatbots, Run & Measure Marketing Campaigns Easily 


💬Monitor and Intervene Conversations Easily

📣Broadcast Campaigns with Smart Audiences

👩🏻‍💻Multiple🧑🏻‍💻 Agents on One Whatsapp Number

🔗Connect with Shopify, WooCommerce, or your E-Commerce Platform

🚀 Track Campaigns in Real Time


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Multiple Agent Support

Monitor and Intervene Chats Easily with Seamless Human Agent Transfers

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In Depth user Insights

Collect Attricbutes Automatically from Conversation, Add tags, Track Customer Journeys & more

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Connect Chatbot in a Single Click!

Google Dialogflow is the Best No Code Chatbot Platform which lets yu build Chatbots for FREE

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Send & Track Campaigns

Track the perfromance of Campaigns easily in real time

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Personalise Campaigns

Personalise Campaigns using User’s Name and their Collected Attributes

How It Works?

Go Live with Whatsapp Chatbot & Marketing within 5 Days
Step 1

Whatsapp Business API

✔️ We’ll Apply for Whatsapp Business API for your Business

⏰  The API Gets approved within 2-3 Days

💬 We’re Official Whatsapp ISV Partner (Independent Software Vendor) 


Step 2

Whatsapp A.I. Chatbot

🤖 Simultaneously We Will Start Working on Whatsapp A.I. Chatbot

🔗  We Connect With Shopify, WooCommerce and all major E-Commerce Platforms

🕑  Whatsapp A.I. Chatbot is setup within 2-4 Days


Step 3

Review & Going Live

🔔 Once the API Gets Approved, Whatsapp Notifications are sent for Approval

🕑   Notifications take 2-3 Days to get Approved from Whatsapp

📣 After Notifications Approval, We’ll setup your Campaigns and Go Live!


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