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Build & Sell

Whatsapp Chatbots


Whatsapp Chatbot Masterclass

You Gain the Power to Help Businesses Grow via Whatsapp Chatbots and Automated Notifications !


✓ 7+ Hours of Solid Content | Self Paced

NO Coding Required

✓ Learn Freelancing & Selling along with Building Whatsapp Chatbots

✓ You’ll See your Whatsapp Chatbot working on your mobile

₹7000 ₹3999/- )

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The Story of Whatsapp Business API

Growing businesses needed a lot many features which the existing Whatsapp Business Mobile App couldn’t offer. Hence Whatsapp rolled out Whatsapp Business API.

Here are a few Use Cases of the Whatsapp Business API 


  • Using Whatsapp Business API Businesses can Install A.I. Chatbots on their Whatsapp Numbers 
  • Businesses can send Personalised Notifications like Delivery Update, Payment update to their Customers 
  • Businesses can have multiple agents handling customer queries on same Whatsapp Number & Scale their Customer Support  

What You Learn In this Course ?

Everything to Enable you to Build & Sell Whatsapp A.I. Chatbots
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Whatsapp Business API

Applying for Whatsapp Business API is a Process. Moreover, Whatsapp Pricing for the API is a whole new game.

In this workshop, you learn all of it. Also you can use this knowledge for Whatsapp Consulting !

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No Coding Required

After the API, You will learn how to build Amazing A.I. Based Chatbots using the Best NLU (Natural Language understanding) platform – Google Dialogflow

The Good Part ? NO Coding is Required to Learn how to build these Chatbots 

money bag

Freelancing and Selling

Freelancing & Selling Can make you a good Income anywhere from ₹15,000 to ₹500,000 

You will learn LinkedIn Strategies, How to Find the Right Prospects, What to message them and How can you convert them quickly ! You learn Everything !

Masterclass Details

The course is designed for Professionals and Students to gain expertise in the field of Chatbots and See their Whatsapp Chatbot in Action


7+ hours of Content by Founders

Crisp Content on building Whatsapp Chatbots and Starting Off your Freelancing Journey!

fast time

Complete at your own Pace

You can complete the course at your speed. It takes 2-3 Days to on average to complete the course.


Slack Community Support

Every Participant stays connected via a Slack Channel for Doubts, Discussion and Updates 


Lifetime Access

You gain 1 year access to all Course Material along with Support from our team for closing Deals .

Course Contents & Syllabus

Join a Community of Chatbot Developers

Whatsapp Business API
  • Introduction to Whatsapp Business API
  • Whatsapp Business App vs API
  • Facebook Business Verification Hack
  • Requirements for Whatsapp Business API
  • Display Name & Mobile Number Rules
  • How to Apply for the API
Basic Chatbot Development
  • Introduction to Dialogflow
  • Starting up with Intents 
  • Training Phrases & more
  • Whatsapp Responses
  • Entities – The A.I. Begins
Advanced Chatbot Development
  • Actions and Parameters
  • Lead Generation & Slot Filling
  • Intro to Context : GOD Level Chatbots
  • Context Examples
  • Context with Parameter
Integrating with AiSensy
  • Introduction to AiSensy
  • Integrate Chatbot with Whatsapp Business API
  • Test your Chatbot on Whatsapp
  • Transfer to Human from Chatbot
  • How to Send Notifications
  • Understanding Pricing
Freelancing & Marketing
  • How to Find Clients
  • Re-shape your Linkedin Profile
  • Understanding Pricing 
  • Marketing techniques & Growth Hacks
  • Content Creation 
  • Closing Deals

Join a Community of 200+ Chatbot Developers!!!

200+ Professionals have completed the AI Whatsapp Masterclass in the last month! It’s your turn now !
You’ll learn & build Whatsapp Chatbots yourself along with a portfolio to show your clients!


Certification Included

You will receive Certificate on completion of workshop from TRINY. A Certificate helps you build Trust with Client.

5 Chatbot Templates Included

Also you’ll get access to NLP Chatbot Templates which you can further learn from and use for your Clients.


Building A.I. Chatbots Since 2017

  • Triny is an Artificial Intelligence based Chatbot Brand with Clients like Lovely Professional University, Chandigarh University, SRM University, Manipal University Jaipur and more
  • AiSensy is Triny’s third Flagship Product based on Whatsapp Business API
  • You will learn directly from the founders, everything about the chatbot industry and how to build your Chatbot Freelancing Career.
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