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WhatsApp Template Message Guidelines

by | Aug 15, 2021

WhatsApp Template Message gives Businesses to reach out to their customers by sending them notifications on WhatsApp. In order to send these templates to users, we need to get them approved from WhatsApp.
In case your template messages are getting rejected, here are a few reasons why:

Content Rules:

WhatsApp doesn’t allow spamming and harmful content. So, these are four things on what Business cannot send a Template Message:
1. Promotional Content is not allowed
2. No threatening content
3. No data collection
4. No contests or quizzez

WhatsApp doesn’t allow promotional content in India yet. What comes under promotional content?
Cold Outreach
Direct Discount offers
Sending newsletters
and even including phrases that sound promotional are all considered promotional. However, slightly promotional content gets approved. You can check a few samples here.

WhatsApp Template Messages cannot contain threatening or abusive content. For example, Template Messages that threaten customers with legal action if they don’t pay back their loans are not allowed.

Moreover, businesses can’t collect data using WhatsApp Template Messages. While polls are out of the question, a survey after an experience is fine. Similarly, you can’t ask for sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers through Template Messages.

Last but not least, Template Messages should not contain any content related to quizzes, contests, or anything that involves skills or chance.

In addition to the content constraints above, you need to comply with WhatsApp Template Message formatting rules.

WhatsApp Template Message Formatting Rules

  • Proofread your content for spelling and grammar before submitting it for review. Messages with incorrect spellings or any grammatical errors may prompt customers to view these message as spam
  • Make sure to use variable parameters (e.g., {{1}}{{2}}, etc.) and that they have the correct number of curly brackets (i.e.,there needs to be 2 brackets on the left and 2 on the right of the variable)
  • Make sure the parameters (e.g., {{1}}) contains some text with it
    For example: Correct Format – Hello {{1}}
    Wrong Format :
  • Make sure the language selected matches the content of your message template
    • If you select Spanish as the message template language but the content is in English, your message template will be rejected
    • Ensure that your content is in one language. A mixture of languages such as “Hinglish” or “Spanglish” will not be approved
  • If you’re going to submit a message template for testing your API connection, please ensure it’s in the correct format. Any other variation will be rejected
    • Message template name: test
    • Content: Hello {{1}}
  • Refrain from using a URL shortener for your links (e.g., bit.ly, tinyurl, or goo.gl) because they obscure the intended link destination
  • The URL domain in your links should belong to your business
  • Refrain from using extra spaces at the end of your template or double spacing in between of your content. Generally, these spacing results in to rejection of message

WhatsApp Content Policy

Lastly, all your content or transaction must comply with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

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