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AiSensy Platform : Whatsapp Chatbots, CRM & Marketing

by | Jan 20, 2021

I’m pretty sure you have been wondering what is AiSensy all about, and the title states Whatsapp Chatbot, CRM & Marketing. It brings a lot of new questions to your mind.

Starting with, What kind of Chatbots can you develop, Is A.I. & NLP enabled? Is any coding Required to build them? Moving on to, What is the Whatsapp Business API, how you can get it, how much time does it take, what does it cost?And thereon, What kind of Messages can you broadcast to users at scale? And Can you retarget your old lead to re-initiate a conversation?
Furthermore, Can you send and push Promotional Messages on Whatsapp, and if everything is apt for you, How is all of this gonna cost you?

Well, This is Gautam Rajesh Shelley, Founder and CEO of AiSensy (A Product by Triny) and I’m writing this piece to answer all your questions regarding AiSensy platform & Whatsapp Business API

Come Along, I’ll keep things to the point and try not to bore you with my silly jokes!

Let’s go !

The Whatsapp Business API

So, if you wish to leverage Whatsapp to boost your Business by doing the following things, you need to get access to the Whatsapp Business API

  • Send Automated or Scheduled Notifications like payment reminders, Delivery Update, Complete Payment etc. to users
  • Broadcast a message to thousands of Users in one go
  • Have Multiple Human Agent replying on the same number
  • Becoming a Verified Business on WhatsApp (Verified Green Tick)
  • Installing Chatbots and Automating your Sales and Support

Since Whatsapp Business App’s Capabilities were limited, Whatsapp rolled out a new path for growing businesses to take calling it the Whatsapp Business API.

Whatsapp Simply, we’ll give you Whatsapp Business API and now it’s up to you, how you use it. And since Whatsapp doesn’t give you a No-Code platform to do it, we developed the AiSensy Platform to do all of this!

” So that means I’ll have to get the Whatsapp Business API for my Business to all or any of these actions?”

Yes! You got that right!

” How can I get this API “

Well, You need to apply for the API, and to apply for the API, there are a few pre-requisites.


You have to be ready with the following:

  • A Mobile Number: Either Whatsapp Shouldn’t be installed on the Mobile Number or all Whatsapp Accounts should be DELETED before applying.
    One Mobile Number can either be on the Whatsapp Apps or on the Whatsapp Business API. Hence you will need to DELETE your WhatsApp Accounts if you wish to use an Old Mobile Number.

How to DELETE your Whatsapp Account in 3 Simple Steps

  • A Verified Facebook Business Manager ID: Well, If you run ads or have a Facebook page, I’m pretty sure you have a Facebook business manager too. In 90% of cases, the Facebook Business Manager isn’t verified by Facebook. It takes around 1-2 Days to get you Facebook Business Manager Verified.

How to Get your Facebook Business Manager Verified

  • Choosing a Display Name: Display name is something Whatsapp Shows to users on your Profile. While Submitting the Whatsapp Business API application you’ll be asked for a display name.

    And yes! There are rules to it too! Majorly Seen, Your Display Name should be the name of your business, it’s products/services, or departments. Like We got the Display Name: “Admissions Tapmi” approved for a university. Other Examples of Display Names are AiSensy Assistant, Digitechniks Assistant, etc.

Checkout Display Name Guidelines by Whatsapp

Once you have these two things ready with you, You are ready to apply for the Whatsapp Business API. You can Apply for the Whatsapp Business API by Submitting the Application on the Link Below.

Once you’re done with Applying for the API. You can go ahead

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