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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Session Message?

WhatsApp Session messages are any messages sent and received in response to a user-initiated message to your application.

A messaging session starts when a user sends your Whatsapp Business Number a message, and lasts for 24 hours from the most recently received message.

You can intervene/respond with ANY kind of message within these 24hours. 

Both Incoming and Outgoing messages are counted as session messages in the pricing.

What is a Template Message?

WhatsApp Template messages use pre-approved message templates for outbound notifications like delivery alerts and appointment reminders. They can not be used for marketing.

You must use a WhatsApp Template Message if more than 24 hours have elapsed since the user last responded to you. 

You can send template messages to your old leads and contacts

What's included in the FREE Plan?

You get 50 Credits FREE on your first project in the FREE Plan.

You can test your Whatsapp Chatbot on a Test Number before your number is approved for the API. 

Once your API is Approved you can use all features in the FREE Plan.

Is this a Prepaid Plan? How do I Pay?

Yes! All Plans are prepaid.

As you send or receive a message the per-message price will be deducted from your balance amount according to the message type.

Is there are monthly / yearly amount to be paid?

Once you recharge, it is valid for an unlimited time period. No Monthly or Annual recurring plans.

Also, Users are unlimited. As per your balance limits.

Will the amount be adjusted when I upgrade?

Yes! For suppose you recharged with the Lite Plan and wish to upgrade to the Pro plan.

But you already have ₹2000 in your balance. 

In such a case, you will only pay ₹47280 (₹49280-₹2000) and your next message will be charged according to the Pro Plan Instantly

What is pricing per additional agent?

You can Create 2 Agents for Free. 

After that, for new agents you will be charged ₹1500/agent/month

Does Google Dialogflow Charge anything for Chatbot Development

Google Dialogflow Standard Edition is Free for a Good Enough Quota. And can be used for good enough traffic.

Are Images counted as a session message?

You can Share Images, Videos & Document upto 5Mb File size. 

Each media is charged separately as a session message.

Broadcast Messaging

What kind of Messages can I Send after 24hrs?

You can only send Pre-Approved Template Messages after 24hrs. 

These messages could be text, media or doc that you configure and get approved from Whatsapp. 

You can send your template messages for approval via our template message dashboard

Can I Initiate a conversation with a user?

Yes! You can initiate a conversation with users or your contacts(old leads) via pre-approved template messages only. 

Can I send Messages to my Old Leads?
Yes! You can only send Template Messages to your old leads.
Can I push template messages via API?

Yes! you can refer to our API doc and can Integrate your lead forms, payment gateways, CRM for sending template messages in an automated manner via the API

How long does it take for template message approvals?

It takes 2-5 Days for Each Template message to be approved.

Can I Create Dynamic Template Messages?

Yes! You can Create Dynamic messages as templates and get them approved.

How many template messages can I send per day?

It is suggested, you only send less than 1000 template messages per day. Whatsapp monitors your activity and hates spam.

Whatsapp Business API

How can I apply for the Whatsapp Business API?

You can apply for the Whatsapp Business API here: https://aisensy.com/apply-for-whatsapp-business-api/

  • We will apply for API on your behalf, once you fill this form. 
  • Applying for Whatsapp Business API is Free of Cost
Do I Need Verified Facebook Business Manager ID?

Yes! Here are the steps on how you can verify your Business Manager:

Do I Need a New Mobile Number?

A New Mobile Number is Preferred. 

If you wish to get an Old Mobile Number registered on the Whatsapp Business API. You will need to DELETE all WhatsApp apps on the same mobile number. 

How long does it take? Is there any fee?

It takes anywhere between 2 to 7 Days to get the API Approved. 

There is NO FEE charged for the same.

Can I test my Whatsapp Chatbot without API?

Yeah! You can Test your Chatbot as a user on Whatsapp without the API Approval

You can simply update your Dialogflow Chatbot Json Key and Enter your Mobile Number in the Test your Assistant section.

Thereafter, You’ll have your Chatbot working on +919569927584, You can save this number on your mobile and test your chatbot as a user!

How do I get the Green tick?

Green Tick is a Separate Application that can be applied once your API is Live and your have 50 Users & more than 500 chats done. 

You can email sourabh@triny.io to Apply for Green Tick!

Can I use Whatsapp or Whatsapp Business App on the same number?

Once a Number is registered for Whatsapp Business API, you Cannot use it on any Whatsapp Apps. 

You will be able to see all the incoming and outgoing messages on the AiSensy Dashboard.

Can I reinstall Whatsapp App or Whatsapp Business App once I get the API?

No! If you have the number on the API or if you wish to get the number on the API. That number shouldn’t be on any Whatsapp Apps.


General FAQs

Can I Import and Export Contact Info from AiSensy CRM?

Yes! You can import and export contacts to/from the AiSensy CRM

Can You Build the Chatbot for us?

Yes! We charge a separate fee for the same. You can book a demo with us or write to us at mohit@triny.io to request a quote.

Can I Cancel the Plan?
You can cancel the Plan, but the balance amount won’t be refunded or transferred.
When will my number be deactivated?

Your Number will be Deactivated if there is no incoming and outgoing message for 15 Days. You can write at sourabh@triny.io to re-activate it.

What if I want a higher plan than Premium?

Sure, You can write to us at mohit@triny.io if you wish to go for a higher plan.

When does Whatsapp block a number

Whatsapp regularly monitors the response rates to your template messages. If the users are responding well to your template messages, you’re quite safe. If the users start blocking you after you send them template message, there are chances whatsapp might block you. 

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